So who are they?

The peons? Receptionist? Accountants? Admin? Recruiters? Who are they??

Let’s see for who are the once for whom the label “UNSUNG HERO’s” very commonly used for.

We all know the answer.

They are those brave men who stand still in the difficult terrains and in difficult circumstances to save us, they are the ones who protect us from our enemies, they are the ones who ensure that we live in peace, they die for us, they fight for survival.

So…. Who could be the hero’s of the corporate world?

The ones who stand still in economical disasters, the ones who protect us from our competitors, the ones who ensures that we get our salaries on time, the ones who live in tremendous pressure safeguarding us, they too fight for survival.

Who is HE?

He the great “SALESMAN” the unsung hero of the corporate world.

As a mother, rarely wants the child to join Army, similarly the last that a parent wants his child to become is a “Salesman”. It’s only opposite when it is the legacy to be taken forward.

Nowhere you will find stories of a common salesman and the struggle that he goes through.

Similarities between the heroes of the two different worlds “ARMY & Corporate” are

  1. Disciplined
  2. Well trained
  3. Motivated
  4. Highly rewarded
  5. Initial years are the toughest
  6. Limited resources
  7. High risk
  8. Fight for survival
  9. Need time to unwind
  10. Never pray for individual Victory

The only difference between the two is that an Army profession is a highly respectful profession and to be a salesman is a demeaned one. Rarely people aspire to be the one, the “CORPORATE HERO”


Why don’t the corporates and the other functional employees show respect to the profession?

Why always corporates hire a sales person at the lowest salary?

Why always we try to cut on the sales incentives?

Why always other departments are jealous of, the amount of money that gets credited to, the sales executives account?

Why always only a sales person is seen standing in front of the religious places praying for his company’s success?

Because he is the “UNSUNG HERO”

It’s a long due to pay our gratitude to the frontline’s and hero’s of the corporate world.

Give the profession its due respect. Let it become a mainstream profession for the coming generation, just glorify it.

Just remember –

No Soldiers, No Shield, No Security

No Sales, No Salary, No Security

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