SAPLing Nurturing sales professionals

Sales is no longer just about being a smooth glib talker but now has become a definitive function of set of skills which can be acquired under right training, correct guidance and ample support.
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Programs by TISS

TATA institute of Social Science (Deemed University, established under Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956) in association with AICTE introduces a new Education system in the country, work integrated Vocational education and training.
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Campus to Corporate

There is a rising accord that professional sales has entered a new era, requiring skills that are scarce but teachable—and best taught in a collegiate environment.
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The sales tool kit has advanced dramatically: It now includes sophisticated analytics to identify opportunities, managing prospects, digital penetration, disciplined processes...
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We Add Value To


Sales isn't a department, it's livelihood of an organisation. A well-staffed sales function is key to business success. To hire, train and retain performing professionals is the biggest challenge in todays competitive environment. Sales is a talent-based profession and training can only improve this by 20%. So a 5% can become a 6%, but a 80% can become a 96%. We work closely with organisations to achieve their HR and training objectives.


Good Instinct is something a student always has, and Knowledge we will provide. Not just the Knowledge, we will also hone the instinct, which will help the understanding of Sales to a higher degree. We prepare students to compete with the real world challenges and emerge as leaders

Education Institutes

Industry orientation in the education system and making students job ready is what we focus on. We all know that Most jobs entail some sort of sales component, whether internal or external, therefore its important that every student is well versed with sales skill which help him to become a better professional.


Whatever your role, you have the responsibility to deliver an "on brand" experience to your customers to secure their business and their loyalty. In the realm of selling, it’s the buyer who is newly empowered. Customers no longer need a salesperson to learn about a company’s offering, much less to place an order. As a result, sales has become more about helping customers define the problem they are trying to solve and assemble a complete solution. We tell you how to deal with todays customer.

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